Fundraising appeal

Coming in September 2015, Babel’s Blessing is a language school to delight and enlighten all, and to address unmet needs in London language learning. Do you want to learn more Yiddish than the occasional Oy Vey? Get a crash-course in Hebrew and/or Arabic before  setting off to the Holy Land? Or have you recently moved to this rainy country, and need to work on your English? We have a course for you.

We will be running fun, affordable classes in Jewish and Jew-ish languages, and free English classes for migrants. We’ve made the necessary shidduchim (arrangements) for ESOL classes and have a stunning team of teachers ready to prep curricula.

But we need help to make this happen, to get the resources we need to make it good, and to keep it affordable for participants while only mildly exploiting our teachers (i.e. paying them London Living Wage).

Could you be the one to help us realise our dream of creative diaspora Jewish cultural education? If you are a mensch with some spare dollah, a good sense of humour, a passionate vision for diaspora Jewish life,  and a good dose of middle class liberal guilt that drives you to redistribute your wealth to worthy causes, this could be your moment of glory.

Classes will include:
– Yiddish (beginners and intermediate), with song learning and a focus on London’s radical history
– Arabic (beginners spoken)
– Modern Hebrew
– Adult batmitzvah class – a chavrusa group with a difference, for all genders and backgrounds. Study Torah, tour London’s shuls and learn about services, work on your Hebrew reading, argue about everything.

The English classes will be in partnership with two established migrant organisations: a charity in East London, supporting vulnerable migrants and refugees, and a second one in initial asylum accommodation in Croydon (South London), where destitute asylum  seekers are held upon arrival to Britain.

In return for your donation, you will receive:
– Huge naches (warm glowing feeling of righteousness)
You will not receive:
– A gilded plaque or mouldy bench in your honour
– Any influence over our activities

If you’d like to know more about the project, contact us at
If you’d like to send a donation, our account details are:
Mical Nelken and Tali Janner-Klausner
Cooperative Bank
08-93-00 89370748

Thank you!

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