Bat Mitzvah class – a student’s experience

So here I am, all whacked and weary. Why, you ask? Well, I became Jewish by choice through the Reform Judaism movement few years ago. However, I cannot miss the opportunity to have a bar mitzvah, so I will have to be a boy again!

When a boy comes of age at 13 years old, the Jewish tradition recognizes him to have the same rights as a full-grown man (some have beards), and he becomes a “bar mitzvah” i.e. the son of the commandment. I want to experience how important a bar mitzvah is in the Jewish religion. It is a profoundly significant milestone in a person’s life. It calls out for a big celebration.

This is a great chance to learn to read from the Torah and reinterpret how a reading from the Torah relates to today’s society. Recently I enjoyed learning about different kinds of kippots, the concept of sukkot, and discovering the feminine version of the divine presence ‘Shechina’ which was new and refreshing.

I was thrilled and delighted to be a part of such a central event of people who want to learn about Jewish life. It’s tough to think of an event more joyous than a bar mitzvah.

Jewish adulthood comes with a lot of responsibilities. I was content to have fulfilled the responsibilities set on my shoulders with coherence and proficiency, so I was told. I’m looking forward to the bar mitzvah success in all my endeavors.

Kenneth, Bat Mitzvah class student

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