• We have received a grant from Near Neighbours / Church Urban Fund: this will allow us to continue running free ESOL classes                          58f17633-49e1-469c-b198-e47dbe62eb51



Register for Yiddish, Hebrew & British Sign Language classes 2016 – and support our crowdfunding!

Here’s a suggestion for anyone struggling to think of a New Year’s resolution, or feeling themselves sliding into that xmas holiday slump of nothing to look forward to but family drama and overcooked turkey…

Registration is now open for four of our upcoming courses!

In January 2016 we will be running beginners’ British Sign Languageimprovers’ Hebrew, improvers’ Arabic, and two Yiddish classes covering various ability levels. A new Bat Mitzvah class will also be starting in February/March – stay tuned!

The term will be 11 weeks long with a half-term break in February, to fit in with school/university holidays. Classes will start on January 11th (Yiddish) and January 17th (Hebrew & BSL). Our course fees work on a sliding scale with £10 per class as the standard rate, £5 for unwaged/low waged learners and £15 for those who have a good income and would like to subsidise the fees for less fortunate language fans.

We will also be expanding our provision of free ESOL classes for refugees and migrants. Any surplus money from your course fees goes directly into running these classes, so by signing up to learn a language with us you will also be helping many wonderful, vulnerable and isolated people to learn English in a welcoming, safe, participatory environment.

If you would like to help us out even more, we are crowdfunding some extra cash to run a very special class: an advanced level ESOL class with a focus on teaching skills, for refugees and migrants who are interested in becoming the next generation of London ESOL teachers. More details here:

Thanks to everyone who has supported Babel’s so far – and thanks in advance to all of you who are going to sign up, donate, and/or share this page widely across the social media stratosphere 🙂

Happy Holidays xx