Get our amazing end of year report

It’s amazing how quickly a year goes by.

Only this time last year a few friends sat round with nothing but an idea: a language school that people actually wanted to go to. A place where newcomers to London could learn English their own way without fear of judgement and talk about the things really going on in their lives. A school where people could connect with the languages of their ancestors like Yiddish, Hebrew and Arabic in a way that felt modern and revolutionary. A place where activists could learn sign language.

It needed to exist. So we made it happen. You made it happen.

In our end of year report, we cover what the school’s done, who we are, how we’ve spent money, how we’ve made people’s lives better.

From here, the main thing we want to do is grow. We’ve had such a fantastic year and we want to see this school get even bigger, bring in more people, help more people make new friends and expand more minds. If you’d like to be a part of this, or know somebody who would, or you just want to see what we’ve been doing, email to get your free copy of our report.


Babel’s Blessing is one year old!

A massive thank you to everyone who came to our end-of-year party – and to everyone who has ever come to a class or an event, has taught or has helped us with admin, for making Babels happen! We are now one year old 🙂 Our classes have now come to a close, and we will spend the summer planning and scheming for next year – we have lots of surprises in store… Our next term should start in late September. See you then!