Announcing our courses for September 2017


Arabic is the most popular Semitic language, with 721 million people speaking it around the world. Giving the dramatic changes and developments in the Middle East, a lot of people are showing interest in learning Arabic to be able to follow the political, social and human rights developments and well as communicating with the Arab refugees, migrants and asylum seekers who escaped their countries seeking peace and stability.

We will be running weekly beginners’ and improvers’ classes in central London.



For two years now we have been running English classes at Praxis Community Projects in Bethnal Green, where many of our students are migrants from Bangladesh. We think it’s about time we also helped the local English speakers to speak one of their neighbours’ languages, so this year we will run a beginners’ Bengali class at Praxis. More info coming soon!



Why study Latin-American Spanish? Of the 469 million people speaking Spanish in the world, more than 418 million are in Latin America and in the United States. Latin America is a place with a splendid variety of accents and slangs that make this a rich linguistic experience. You will connect with cultures and slangs from 19 countries throughout Central and South America. Latin American Spanish has a beautiful and soft pronunciation that makes it much easier to learn… and it’s much easier to understand ‘standard’ Spanish pronunciation once you know a Latin American accent than vice-versa!

We will be running weekly beginners’ and improvers’ classes in central and south-east London.



Drinking songs! Songs of Struggle, Resistance & Defiance! Contemporary & Traditional songs to sing on the Streets and at Gatherings. Supported by the rich multi-cultural history that surrounds us in Whitechapel, these workshops will transform your experience of singing and what it can do for you individually and as a collective voice. All who are interested welcome. This is a very relaxed class and whilst a passion for singing helps, it’s also totally inclusive of people who don’t have a background in performance or Yiddish.

The Yiddish singing workshop will run weekly in Whitechapel. For this course you can choose to book in advance or drop in and pay in cash.



Announcing the glorious return of the Babel’s Batmitzvah course! Bar/Bat Mitzvah is the Jewish coming-of-age ceremony, which usually takes place when a child is 13 but can be done at any age. It involves studying Jewish history and theology, learning to read Hebrew, taking part in research and discussions, writing your own response to a biblical text; and ends in a ceremony at synagogue, with family and friends coming together to celebrate your learning. Did you miss out on this as a teenager, or did you have a Bat/Bar Mitzvah but didn’t enjoy it and would like to do it again? Maybe you want to explore your Jewish heritage, or you’re trying to decide if converting is for you. All are welcome!

This course will run weekly in central London, and finish with a synagogue ceremony and party in central or east London.



All our courses run from late September to late March, in two terms of 11 lessons each with breaks for school holidays.

For all classes except the Yiddish song workshop, you will need to book and pay at least part of the fee in advance. This can be done when our booking app goes live in mid September.

We operate a sliding scale fee system, depending on your financial situation each 2-hour class will cost you:

£10 – Student (total course cost £220)

£15 – Standard (total course cost £330)

£20 – Supporter (total course cost £440)

All profits from these fees go towards running our free English classes for refugees and migrants – so the more you pay, the more people we can support and teach!

There will also be ONE place in each group reserved for a person who can only afford £5 per class, they will be asked to do around 30 mins-1 hour per week volunteering for Babel’s (eg. arriving early to help the teacher set up, photocopying worksheets, promoting us on social media). This place cannot be booked via the website/booking app, please email us.