Evening class announcement 2: BatMitzvah

When Babel’s Blessing started in summer 2015, it was the brainchild of Jewish activists; inspired by our own families’ experiences of migration and being a minority in the UK, we wanted to use the knowledge and skills of our community to support other migrants and minorities of today.

One of our first courses was a big experiment: could we reproduce the experience of bar/bat mitzvah, the Jewish coming-of-age ceremony, for adults? With radical politics and gender equality? With humour and weirdness and an acceptance of all students’ different levels of knowledge and experience of Judaism? With proper Torah reading in an actual synagogue?

It turned out that YES WE COULD, and it was a life-changing experience: so we’re bringing it back this year!

This is a course for adults who did not have a bar/bat mitzvah, didn’t like theirs, or did it in the wrong name/gender. Through this course, you will explore Judaism, including festivals, rituals, texts and history. You will learn to read from the Torah and talk about it, culminating in a ceremony at the end of two terms. This is your chance to explore Judaism on your terms, with no preconditions about beliefs, background or practice.


Wednesdays 6.30-8.30pm, South London Liberal Synagogue (Prentis Road, SW16 1QB, Streatham), 04/10-13/12 (with a week off on 08/11) and 24/01-04/04 (with a week off on 28/02).

Student registration for 2017-18 opens on Sunday 17th September. For any inquiries email babelsblessing@gmail.com!

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