Evening class announcement 4: Arabic

Ahlan wa sahlan!

Arabic is the most popular Semitic language, with 721 million people speaking it around the world. Giving the dramatic changes and developments in the Middle East, a lot of people are showing interest in learning Arabic to be able to follow the political, social and human rights developments and well as communicating with the Arab refugees, migrants and asylum seekers who escaped their countries seeking peace and stability.

Omar (from Syria, teaching beginners) says: “I came to England in late 2015 as asylum seeker. I was one of the students of English classes offered by Babel’s Blessing for free to immigrants. After the end of the semester I applied to be a teacher in Babel’s Blessing. I loved this experience, I never imagined that I would be a teacher. But Babel’s made it easy to give me basics, how to prepare lessons and deal with students according to their needs and ages. And I found it a unique experience as students are eager to learn the language according to their needs and most of them working in the field of human rights or in a charity and have direct contact with people whose mother tongue is Arabic and may not speak others.”

Amany (from Palestine, teaching improvers) says: “I come from Palestine, where Arabic is used as the main language. It is not only about communicating. Yet, I believe that is also about culture and tradition. I know that Arabic is known as a difficult language, however, it could be easily learnt if you are interested enough in the culture and its people.”


Beginners: Wednesdays 7-9pm, Jaz & Jul’s Chocolate House (1 Chapel Market, N1 9EZ, Angel), 04/10-13/12 and 17/01-28/03
Improvers: Wednesdays 7-9pm, Jaz & Jul’s Chocolate House (1 Chapel Market, N1 9EZ, Angel), 04/10-13/12 only (we might be able to add a second term at a later date)
~~Improvers is intended for people who took our beginners’ class last year, who have studied Arabic for a few months recently, or learned several years ago and would like to re-learn. If you’re not sure which level to sign up for, don’t worry, you can easily switch on the first day!~~

Student registration for 2017-18 opens on Sunday 17th September. Any questions? Email babelsblessing@gmail.com!

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