Job opportunity: Arabic teacher

Babel’s Blessing is currently recruiting an Arabic teacher to deliver a 2 hour evening classes a week, from September onwards, in London, UK. Profits made from the course will go towards supporting ESOL (English language) provision to refugees and migrants who are ineligible for funded ESOL courses.
We’re particularly interested in supporting teachers from a refugee / migrant background, as part of our organisation’s ethos.
More information: 
Babel’s Blessing are looking for a committed, imaginative, qualified teacher to run a
weekly evening class for beginner speakers in Arabic.
You will deliver one 2 hour class a week for 20 weeks (divided into 2 terms of 10
classes each)
Pay is £16/hour, plus course expenses (printing, etc) on a self-employed basis
(registered with HMRC)
A great opportunity for Arabic-speaking teachers with relevant work experience and an
interest in community education/critical pedagogy to broaden their skills! Become part of an organisation working to change the face of language teaching/learning. We also hold regular training and skillshare sessions.
Babel’s Blessing is a grassroots language school. We run low-cost evening classes in
diaspora languages, and use the income from this to fund free English classes for
refugees and migrants.
We think that language learning is about cultural exchange, community building, and a
way for members of diasporic communities to reconnect with their/our heritage. We teach about politics, culture and history through language as it is spoken – valuing street
language and varied accents rather than one ‘correct’ version.
We strive to apply critical pedagogy methods and principles across all our classes, and to
run as a horizontal and democratic community of learners. More information about the
project can be found on our website.
To apply please send us your CV and a covering email to
In your email please tell us about:
– your teaching experience
– any experience you may have of participatory teaching/facilitation
– what you can bring to the organisation

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