Bar/Bat Mitzvah is the Jewish coming-of-age ceremony, which usually takes place when a child is 13 but can be done at any age. It involves studying Jewish history and theology, learning to read Hebrew, taking part in research and discussions, writing your own response to a biblical text; and ends in a ceremony at synagogue, with family and friends coming together to celebrate your learning.

Our teacher Lev says:

This is a course for adults who did not have a bar/bat mitzvah, didn’t like theirs, or did it in the wrong name/gender. Through this course, you will explore Judaism, including festivals, rituals, texts and history. You will learn to read from the Torah and talk about it, culminating in a ceremony at the end of two terms. This is your chance to explore Judaism on your terms, with no preconditions about beliefs, background or practice.

Some of last year’s students say:

“This was the best adult education experience I have ever had. The Bat Mitzvah class has been massively important to my developing Jewish identity and practice and I am so glad to have had the opportunity to take it. Lev is an amazing teacher. He is great at encouraging us to engage with the content in our own many different ways. He’s also hugely knowledgeable and great at conveying his knowledge in a really interesting way. He has also done a fantastic job of creating a respectful and supportive environment in the class.”

“Thank you so much Lev for the love, time, patience and dedication you’ve given to us all – you’ve created such a special, comforting space and I’m not ready for it to end. I can’t thank you enough ♥️”

“It was a brilliant course – Lev’s teaching and the friendly and supportive atmosphere amongst students!”

“It’s just an incredibly well run, well taught course – inclusive and open.”

Email us if you’re interested!

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