Registration for Autumn term is now open!

We are very excited to announce that registration is now open for our Autumn term.

Please note all courses will run for 12 weeks, and will take place online, using Zoom.



Not sure you can stretch to the full amount? No problem! Babel’s are offering to let you join the course with a 70% deposit! More details on the sign up page below:

This term, we are offering 3 levels.

Sign up links:

1. BEGINNERS (for students who are new to Sylheti)

Tuesdays, 6-8pm (from 21st Sept)


Please email us on to join the course

2. INTERMEDIATE (for students with some experience, and who took Elementary last year)   

Wednesdays, 6-8pm (from 22nd Sept)

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3. ADVANCED (for students who speak well, and who took Intermediate last year)

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All profits from these fees go towards running our free English classes for refugees and migrants – so the more you pay, the more people we can support and teach!


“My level isn’t shown here!”

Contact us to express an interest! We are open to adding new courses if there is enough interest.


Our NEW teacher Habiba says:

I am Habiba and I am a native Sylheti Bengali speaker. I will be continuing the great work of my colleague Ruksana whilst she is on maternity leave. I have more than thirteen years’ experience interpreting in Sylheti Bengali within complex topics such as domestic violence, immigration, housing and benefits.

Sylheti classes are great for anyone who works with the Bengali community and want to rely less on interpreters, anyone who is joining a Sylheti family and wants to communicate with their new in laws independently, and a great refresher for native Sylheti people who just haven’t used the language much! 

We hope to provide a seamless transition into lessons in the new term, focussing on each individual learner’s needs.

If you need to communicate with the Bengali or Sylheti community through your line of work, or just out of interest, join me online in Zoom  for some Sylheti lessons!

I am a native speaker Bengali/Sylheti teacher. I have been teaching with Babels for 3 years, and have taken learners from absolute beginner to being able to have a conversation in Sylheti and understanding my instructions. 

 I can help if you are new to the language or if you are improving. I cover basic, everyday phrases that will be useful to you and build up vocabulary lesson by lesson.

Why study Sylheti/ Bengali?

The majority of migrants in Tower Hamlets are Sylheti, many of whom arrive with very little English. If you want to communicate with them, then you need to learn Sylheti. Moreover, there is a thriving Sylheti culture in East London, including restaurants, festivals and film. If you want to participate fully in the richness of this culture it is helpful to know something about the language. So whether you are learning for professional, community or cultural reasons, this course will help you. 


What and how are you going to learn? 

Language and culture have a very deep relationship. Therefore we teach these Sylheti classes with a focus on the culture of the country so you will learn about the country while learning the language. For example, we cover topics relating to agriculture, festivals and family life.

We also believe in an inclusive and personalised learning style. This is the reason why all online courses are delivered using a participatory approach, giving students opportunities to interact with each other and benefit from regular tutor feedback.  Students will also have the opportunity to express themselves through debates, role plays and games. 

 The aim is to broaden horizons and break down prejudices, contributing towards a more inclusive and understanding society while having a lot of fun!


So, which course should I take?



If you are new to Sylheti and have no knowledge of the Sylheti language then you can join our Beginners class. At this level you will be learning fundamental vocabulary and the basics of communication in Sylheti.

Start your journey with us!



If you have done the first part of our Elementary course, or have a basic knowledge of the Sylheti language (for example if your family speak the language) then you can join our Elementary class. At this level you will be learning how to communicate with people and have a short conversation, give directions, or do your shopping in a Sylheti shop. 

This course will also cover the understanding of basic sentence structure in Sylheti, so that you can start to express yourself more freely. You will be creating your own role plays on a range of different topics. 

Continue your journey with us!



If you have already started our Intermediate course, or you are familiar with the language and you want to improve your speaking, then you can join our intermediate class.  In this class, we will be focusing on listening and speaking more fluently and becoming confident communicators in Sylheti. 

At the same time, we will continue to build our vocabulary, our knowledge of verb forms, and some of the finer details of this unique language. 

Still not sure what level to take? 

Try our Placement Test.

Previous students say:

“Ruksana is fantastic. A really responsive and supportive teacher.”
“Very enjoyable course!”
“Ruksana was a lovely teacher and went to a lot of effort to teach us about Sylheti language and culture.”