For two years now we have been running English classes at Praxis Community Projects in Bethnal Green, where many of our students are migrants from Bangladesh. We think it’s about time we also helped the local English speakers to speak one of their neighbours’ languages, so this year we will run a beginners’ Bengali class at Praxis.

Our teacher Ruksana says:

If you need to communicate with the Bengali or Sylheti community through your line of work, or just out if interest, join me at Praxis Community Projects for some Bengali lessons!

I am a native speaker Bengali/Sylheti teacher, and I can help if you are new to the language or if you are improving. I cover basic, everyday phrases that will be useful to you and build up vocabulary lesson by lesson.

Each lesson, I will share interesting information about the Bengali culture such as weddings, rice growing, drying mangoes on the roof!

Bengali/Sylheti classes will resume in late September 2018. Bookings will open in early September, keep an eye on our social media or email for more info!