Hebrew Intensive Course

Have you always wanted to understand what you were saying when you were praying?


Then come on the Babel’s Blessing Hebrew Intensive this August!
This course is for people who can already read the aleph-bet and want to take their study to the next level. You will study grammar, vocabulary and interpretation. By the end of one week of intense study, you should understand what is going on in the prayer book.
Please note that this course consists of 5 days of 4 hour classes from 5th-9th August.

3 thoughts on “Hebrew Intensive Course

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  2. Im interested in your Hebrew classes, but I couldn’t see on you web site when or where it is?, please pass on the details.


    • hi Tania, that info is on the Registration page – click the link at the bottom of this page that says “Register here”. Hebrew classes will be on Sunday evenings 5.30- 7.30pm, at Common House, Bethnal Green. The first class will be January 17th and the final class March 27th (10 classes in total as there will be a half term break in the middle).


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