Latin American Spanish

Registration for Autumn term are now open!

Buenos días a todxs

We are very excited to announce that registration is now open for our Autumn term.

Please note all courses will take place online, using Zoom.

This term, we are offering 4 levels.


Thursdays 6-8pm (from 24th Sept)

STANDARD: £15/CLASS, £180 for 12 weeks

SUPPORTER: £20/CLASS, £240 for 12 weeks


Mondays 5:30-7:30pm (from 21st Sept)

STANDARD: £15/CLASS, £180 for 12 weeks

SUPPORTER: £20/CLASS, £240 for 12 weeks


Please note NEW start date

Tuesdays 6-8pm (from 29th Sept)

STANDARD: £15/CLASS, £180 for 12 weeks

SUPPORTER: £20/CLASS, £240 for 12 weeks


Fridays 5:30-7:30pm (from 25th Sept)

STANDARD: £15/CLASS, £180 for 12 weeks

SUPPORTER: £20/CLASS, £240 for 12 weeks

Evening classes operate a sliding scale fee policy – you choose what you can afford. 

All profits from these fees go towards running our free English classes for refugees and migrants – so the more you pay, the more people we can support and teach!

More details…

Why study Latin American Spanish?

Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world after Mandarin. 90% of Spanish is spoken in Latin America. This is an opportunity to explore the language of a continent with its own voice and identity.

What and how are you going to learn? 

We believe that language and culture are deeply connected. That´s why all Latin American Spanish courses are delivered with an emphasis on the cultural context that has shaped Latin American identity. Come and explore a diverse range of current and past sociocultural and political conflicts from  the war on drugs in Colombia to the waves of protest in Chile aiming at  making a significant change in the Chilean society. Dive into the revolution of inclusive language and the countries taking the lead. Fall in love with Native Latin American myths and legends that have survived until current times bringing a fresh and ancient perspective of the world. 

You will also learn grammar and vocabulary to acquire proficiency in the language. We will see the main differences between Latin American Spanish and European Spanish, as well as some of the varied lexis used in Latin America that have been influenced by indigenous and African languages.     

We also believe in an inclusive and personalised learning style. This is the reason why all online courses are delivered using a participatory approach, giving students opportunities to interact with each other and benefit from regular tutor feedback.  Students will also have the opportunity to express themselves through debates, role plays and games. 

The aim is to broaden horizons and break down prejudices, contributing towards a more inclusive and understanding society while having lot of fun!

So, which course should I take?


This introductory course is aimed at complete beginners (as well as those who have mastered a few words already!). You will learn the basics of Latin American Spanish. The course covers basic reading and writing, the present tense and basic Spanish grammar. By the end of the course, you will have learned the vocabulary you need for day-to-day interactions such as small talk. The course is themed around influential Latin American women, music , storytelling and dance.  

Come and start your journey with us! 


If you have already completed our beginners’ course, and/or have a solid foundation (you can read and write and have a basic vocabulary) of Spanish, this course is right for you. You will improve your Spanish grammar and vocabulary through songs, videos, quizzes and stories. You will engage with more complex sentence structure and grammar (complex questions, adverbs, irregular verbs in the present and regular verbs in the past). By the end of the course you will be able to improve your writing and reading skill and learn the simple past tense,  gain knowledge about Latin American culture, conflicts, places and people of interest, talk about current issues and express your own views and ideas. 

Continue your journey with us!


Take your Spanish to the next level! 

This course is for students who completed the Pre-Intermediate course over summer 2020, and who are beyond the basic conversational level, can communicate in Spanish in the present and past tense and form their own sentences. You will also learn other tenses, such as past perfect, past continuous and imperfecto, and future which will allow you to get more creative and confident with the language.  You will be able to communicate with more complexity about a range of topics in society and your daily life.

 In this course we will explore inclusive language, how COVID is affecting Latin America; the social and political consequences of the Pandemic; and how people are getting together to help each other when governments are absent or distrusted by the people.

There will be a lot of debates and role plays. So get ready! 


This course is for students who completed the Improvers course with Babels in summer 2020, and for advanced Spanish speakers.

Let’s take our grammar, reading and writing to the next and highest level. You will develop both your reading and writing. Each class will focus on one topic or field of language and explore our knowledge of it together. Get ready to roll up your sleeves and get to understand the meaning of the lyrics of Latin American songs and music and how this continent has expressed happiness and sorrow in lively melodies; the deep and complex traditions and conflicts embedded in Latin American people and the creativity and wittiness of cinema and short films. 

Let´s explore together alternative ways to express our feelings, thoughts and creations through the screen. Poetry writing, story writing and exercises from the world of performance will be used to enhance your creative self. 

Still not sure what level to join? 

We have brand new placement tests for students signing up for the first time in September!

Please take one of the tests below:

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