Seminars on Language and Politics

In addition to our language classes, Babel’s Blessing occasionally run workshops and seminars on subjects around language and politics.

Previous seminars include:

Stories of HomeNick Cassenbaum, writer and performer
A discussion with writer and performer Nick Cassenbaum on ideas of home, where we fit in, and how stories can help us understand this better.

The Politics of EAL and ESOL Teaching – Diane Leedham, EAL Teacher
“The teaching and learning of a language is never a neutral activity, just as a language itself is not a single bounded entity with immutable rules. Nevertheless, the discourse and pedagogy of English language teaching often suggests this to be the case and marginalises the language histories, skills and identities of both teachers and learners. In this session we will talk primarily about EAL learners and their families in the English school system, and invite wider discussion about multilingualism and experiences of language learning.” – Diane Leedham

The Origin of Language – Kate Palmer, Speech and Language Therapist and Babel’s Blessing volunteer
In this session we will look at what language is and what separates language from animal communication systems. We will also discuss how humans could have come to develop language, and how it has changed us as a species.

Media Portrayals of Protest – Helen Gould, activist
Helen will be looking at the reactionary nature of the mainstream media towards those who protest and rebel, and the ways in which they present civil disobedience in order to prejudice public opinion

English, Chinese, and British Sign Language: Languages of One, Two, and Three Dimensions – Lian Duan, BSL Communicator
Looking at the semantic construction of these three languages, and how their dimensional qualities influence thought creation, socio-linguistic culture, and communication.

Yiddish Song and the Bund Rachel Weston, Yiddish singer and workshop leader


These events are free and no ticket is required.
If you can make a donation, we will have collection buckets available. Suggested donations: £3 for students/low wage, £5 supporter.

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