Yiddish singing

Drinking songs! Songs of Struggle, Resistance & Defiance! Contemporary & Traditional songs to sing on the Streets and at Gatherings:

Yiddish is the language that was used to reach the Jewish masses in Eastern Europe as the secular social justice movement was formed.

Come together at the London Action Resource Centre (LARC, formerly a school, a synagogue, and where some of the major yiddish publications were produced at the turn of the century) in Whitechapel where tradition and activism combine to transform the present. Supported by the rich multi-cultural history that surrounds us in Whitechapel, these workshops will transform your experience of singing and what it can do for you individually and as a collective voice.

All who are interested welcome. This is a very relaxed class and whilst a passion for singing helps, it’s also totally inclusive of people who don’t have a background in performance or Yiddish.

Teacher/facilitator: Rachel is a singer, song-collector and workshop facilitator with many years of experience researching and performing various strands of jewish vocal repertoire, specifically eastern european yiddish folk song, as it relates to jewish diasporic identity.  As well as performing throughout the UK and in New York, Montreal and Toronto, she teaches choirs and workshops, and facilitates music therapy sessions for people with dementia.

Yiddish singing may return in September 2018, depending on teacher availability! Keep an eye on our social media or email babelsblessing@gmail.com for more info.

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