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Mar7aba! Ahlan wa sahlan! My name is Nazifa and I will be teaching the Beginner and Elementary Arabic classes 🙂

I am an Arabic and History graduate from SOAS University and have spent several years in the West Bank mastering 3mmiya (spoken Levantine Arabic)! I am an experienced teacher and I love teaching and learning new languages and believe in intercultural exchange being facilitated through languages! In my spare time, I love to read, write and have a vast collection of notebooks and stationary! I am so excited to teach this beautiful language through a creative and interactive approach 🙂

About the Beginners:

The beginners course is designed for those who want to start from the very beginning with no previous Arabic knowledge, just a desire to learn something new! This course focuses on Levantine Arabic, which is mainly spoken in the Levant region and is a dialect widely spoken and understood!

We will start completely from scratch, covering the alphabet, taking special care with pronounciation of each letter and sound, exploring greetings and introductions and topics such as colours, numbers etc!

By the end of the course you will be able to have an introductory conversation and use common phrases which are necessary when in an Arabic speaking country or speaking to a native! You will be able to make sentences and tell one another about your day and more.

During the course we will be immersing in Arabic culture using our language within role play and interaction to make learning Arabic fun! 

About Elementary:

The elementary course is designed for those who have little to a good grasp and understanding of Arabic, with previous exposure to the language. It is also for those who completed the Beginners course last year.

This course focuses on Spoken Levantine Arabic, which is mainly spoken in the Levant region and is widely spoken and understood!

We will be covering a number of scenarios and topics; from going shopping to talking about work, travelling etc! Where possible, I will be making references to different dialects and MSA (Modern Standard Arabic) to give an overview and deeper insight into the language.

By the end of the course you will be able to talk about yourself in detail including emotions, work, and also learn many cultural references and phrases which are commonly used across Arabic speaking countries.

During the course we will be immersing in Arabic culture using our language within role play and interaction to make learning fun!

I also encourage students to bring potential discussion topics/songs/poetry which we can engage in using vocabulary we will learn throughout the course!


MAR’HABA! I am Hasnaa from Syria. I love teaching and have over 10 years of experience teaching spoken and standard Arabic. I am a journalist. I also like writing short stories and poetry.  I will share my passion for languages and different aspects of culture. 

About the Intermediate course:

Babel’s Blessing Intermediate Arabic course is the place to take your existing Arabic further. We use all four skills, but we focus on listening, following the saying by Ibn Khaldun, ‘allsme’ abu almalakat allsany’, listening is the father of linguistic ability. Listening will help you a lot to improve your speaking as well!

  • Communicative aims: We’ll talk about travelling by air, the weather, describing travel destinations around the Middle-East, talking about future plans, planning a day out, an excursion or a trip by using videos and my recorded voice for every reading text so that you can also review the lessons by yourself.
  • Linguistic aims: The course will cover grammar subjects including the future tense and negative forms (future tense). There are also fun worksheets.
  • Cultural aspects: You will get an introduction to some Arabic-speaking countries and traditions like Arabic hospitality when you travel.

    We will mostly use standard Arabic and also when appropriate, Syrian dialect.
  • Designed for people who want to take their existing Arabic further, or who completed the Elementary course over summer 2020.
  • These classes are dynamic; planned and delivered by a qualified and experienced teacher, who will speak in the target language almost exclusively to allow for total immersion.
  • They are recommended for people who have studied Arabic before, perhaps as part of a degree course, or having lived in an Arabic speaking country. If you are uncertain, please do get in touch at with a few details about your experience and we can advise you. 
  • During the course you will have the opportunity to explore a variety of topics through interactive and communicative activities; special attention will also be paid to refining your pronunciation and intonation: sound like a native! 

Classes operate a sliding scale fee policy – you choose what you can afford.

Depending on your financial situation each 2-hour class will cost you:

£15 – Standard – // – £20 – Supporter

All profits from these fees go towards running our free English classes for refugees and migrants – so the more you pay, the more people we can support and teach!

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